Bespoke Software Development

Based in Somerset

Your business is one-of-a-kind, your software should be too. We craft bespoke solutions that perfectly match your needs.

More than
forty years experience
at your service.

We're a long-standing bespoke software development company, focused on delivering value for our clients through digital innovation. We excel in crafting solutions that are efficient, fast, and reliable, perfectly suited to handle the diverse and evolving needs of modern business. With a wealth of experience serving organisations of all sizes, we're capable of meeting the needs of any client, regardless of scale.

Custom Software Development

Bespoke software with a focus on usability, reliability, and scalability. Achieve rapid MVP deployment through our iterative workflow, enabling you to meet market needs sooner.

SaaS Product Development

Rapidly developed, scalable SaaS solutions designed to enhance user engagement and drive growth, catering to SMEs, established businesses, and large enterprises.

CRM Development

Enhance your customer relationships with tailored CRM solutions that boost sales, improve communication, and elevate customer service. Customizations and new bespoke systems available.

Web Applications & Portals

Built to enhance user experience and meet business objectives. Our solutions enable data sharing, promote collaboration across departments, streamline reporting and automate manual processes.

Mobile Development

Creating intuitive and engaging mobile applications for both new ideas and existing systems. Our solutions enhance accessibility, drive business growth, and provide a seamless user experience for your customers and partners.

E-commerce systems

Custom-built e-commerce solutions designed to streamline and manage all aspects of your online business. From inventory management to order processing, our systems enhance operational efficiency and drive sales growth.

Legacy Systems Replacement

Transform dated legacy software into sophisticated, modern, web-based solutions. We eliminate pain points by upgrading existing systems to cutting-edge standards, enhancing performance, user experience, and satisfaction.

API integrations

Facilitate seamless connectivity and data sharing across multiple systems with our robust API integrations. Enhance interoperability, streamline operations, and unlock new capabilities for your business.


Streamline software deployment and operations with our DevOps expertise. Enhance productivity, accelerate release cycles, and improve collaboration through automation and continuous integration.


Customized data solutions tailored to your business needs. Enhance efficiency, optimize operations, and ensure robust data management with our bespoke database services.

Network Infrastructure

Robust network infrastructure solutions designed for optimal performance, security, and scalability. Ensure seamless business operations with our tailored networking services.

Domain Name Services

Jatech has a close partnership with Nominet to provide our clients with DNS solutions such as Domain Registration and Domain Renewal.
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About Us

Here at Jatech, we've served the needs of our clients faithfully since 1996, offering our software development services primarily in Somerset, Bristol and London. While initially conceived as an IT services business, Jatech began transitioning primarily to custom software development in the early 2000s. Since 2015, we've acted mainly as software developers, working on many mission-critical software projects for a variety of businesses that have helped them to succeed in a competitive economic environment.

Case Study: Digital Service Excellence

We would like to take the time to acknowledge an ongoing, successful project that we are managing. We have been providing support to a well-known Health and Safety company, C2 Safety after building a successful integrated and internal business system. This not only acts as a database for customer information but provides an accessible outlet for customers to access their personal documents and related files. C2 Safety has offices throughout the UK and all of them use the same software to help manage their business.

Recently, they were awarded the Digital Services Business of the Year for their excellence in digital services and have gladly attributed this success in part to our consistent help and support. We’re very excited for them to be acknowledged for such an achievement and are thankful for the recognition we’ve received as a result. We’ve worked with numerous partners across many other industries, including, commerce, healthcare, finance, and are always happy to see our customers succeed.

Jatech was founded on the principles of agility, responsiveness and conscientiousness, and we're always mindful of the needs and desires customers have for their IT solutions. Take a look at our workflow process below.

How We Work

Circle Of Development

Our Team

Jeff Tyndall
Jeff Tyndall
Role: Founder & Managing Director
Bio: Jeff founded Jatech in 1995, transitioning from a hardware background to software development. His passion for both hardware and software has driven Jatech to become a cutting-edge software house. This dual expertise ensures our software runs at optimal speeds, maintaining a perfect balance between innovation and performance.
Quote: "That's trivial, it should only take 15 minutes..."
Josh Nicholson
Josh Nicholson
Role: Director
Bio: Since joining Jatech in 2018, Josh has brought a strategic mindset that has fueled the company's growth and expansion while staying true to its core values and clients. His clear-cut plans and innovative ideas have been pivotal in keeping Jatech on track and driving its success
Quote: "Hey, did I tell you about the time I finished 1st in my local go-karting championship?"
Azad Nalbandian
Azad Nalbandian
Role: Technical Director
Bio: Azad is the driving force behind the high-quality code at Jatech. His code reviews are a stamp of excellence, ensuring that only the best work is delivered. Azad consistently strives for clean, efficient, and elegant solutions, and he never fails to deliver.
Quote: "I lift heavy weights when I'm angry. I'm always angry."
Matt Poffley
Matt Poffley
Role: Developer
Bio: Matt is the newest developer to join Jatech, bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the team. He has significantly enhanced various aspects of the company, particularly improving the user interface. Additionally, he has positively contributed to the work culture and team dynamic at Jatech.
Quote: "You guys would be lost without me."


We've worked on a variety of projects across a multitude of industries.
Take a look at what some of our clients had to say about us

"We’ve enjoyed a close and hugely productive relationship with Jatech for several years. They have a knowledgeable and experienced team which has helped us navigate the challenges of cloud computing. Above all, they have been flexible and good humoured throughout. They are good company and a good company with which to work."
"Jatech built a comprehensive ERP system for us, covering all things health and safety. They have saved us significant time and money, greatly boosting our efficiency. Their timely, cost-effective solutions and constant support have been invaluable. I highly recommend Jatech to any business seeking to revolutionize their workflow."
"Jatech designed an immigration case management system with a simple, user-friendly interface and an accessible client portal. They understood our business model and delivered the platform seamlessly within 12 weeks. The system has transformed our business, saving our team hours each week. We're impressed by their friendly support team, who are always available to help with queries and provide continued enhancements as our business expands."
"We approached Jatech to design a bespoke Clinical Management System. It has made a significant improvement to our practice. We have worked closely with them for the past three years. They provide a professional service with a personable touch."
"Working with Jatech to update and enhance our systems has been a pleasure. Their team is helpful, efficient, and incredibly knowledgeable. They created tailored solutions to meet our needs, streamlining processes and significantly improving the accuracy of our data, making my job much easier."
"For over 20 years, we've worked hand in hand with Jatech to build and maintain the many systems that underpin our company. Their support has been invaluable throughout, and they've been attentive to our needs and mindful of our struggles. We would wholeheartedly recommend them to any business that needs technical expertise."


We understand that every project is unique, and the cost can vary significantly based on your specific idea, timeline, and expectations. To give you a better understanding, here are some typical bespoke software development projects with estimated costs and timelines.


Basic CRM


Project length:2-3 months

User-friendly CRM web application to store customer and prospect information, track interactions, and facilitate information sharing across your team. This system enhances communication, ensures no leads are missed, and improves profitability by streamlining processes and strengthening customer relationships.


Business portal


Project length:4-8 months

Online business portal featuring external customer access, user roles and permissions, customisable reporting, and KPI dashboards. Depending on your needs, the portal can include modules for inventory, case, operations, sales, marketing, or people management, enhancing business processes, efficiency, and security with features such as two-factor authentication.


ERP system


Project length:12+ months

Robust ERP system, pivotal in managing businesses of all sizes and industries. Comprehensive solution that covers core processes such as finance, supply chain, HR, procurement, and sales, ensuring data integrity and transparency. By integrating people, processes, and technologies, the ERP system facilitates seamless operations and informed decision-making across your enterprise.


The cost of bespoke software development can vary widely depending on the project's size and complexity and the specific requirements involved. We prioritize the release of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get you up and running quickly. For a general idea of the costs for different sized projects, please visit our "Pricing" section.

Of course. We have worked with many clients who started out with only a vague idea of the solution they wanted. We recommend giving us a call or sending an email to discuss your idea. The more information we have, the better quote we can provide.

Jatech offers two flexible approaches to meet your needs. We can build your project on top of our existing proprietary software platform, which allows for quicker development and reduced costs. In this scenario, Jatech retains the intellectual property and code, and there may be a yearly licensing fee in addition to the development costs.

Alternatively, we can develop fully custom software, where you will own the IP and code outright. This option, while more expensive, provides you with the flexibility to host the software with us or take it elsewhere.

Our pricing structure revolves around three main models, each tailored to accommodate different project scenarios.

  • Fixed price - for projects with well-defined scopes. This model lets us offer you a fixed-rate quotation for all your needs within the scope of a given project.
  • Time & Materials - for projects requiring a bit more flexibility. This model lets us work to your needs, on an as-and-when basis, to fulfil your entire vision.
  • Dedicated team - for new or ongoing projects that need our full attention. If you have resource gaps that need filling, this is the model for you.

We provide flexible hosting solutions tailored to your needs. Jatech utilizes its private cloud for many clients to host their software and products. Additionally, we leverage cloud providers like AWS and Azure for clients interested in enterprise services. If you are uncertain about where you want your software hosted, we can collaborate with you to recommend the best approach based on your specific needs and requirements.

Our primary area of expertise is the Microsoft development stack (.NET, C# & SQL). Additionally, we are experienced in various other technologies and languages such as Python, C and C++. We collaborate closely with our clients to select the most suitable technology stack for each project.